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Web Videos Overview

When seconds might mean the difference between a new client and a lost opportunity, it's time to step up your game. Most visitors spend less than 15 seconds per website page before moving on. Rarely do people take the time to read what is written, however a video is much more likely to engage your visitors, make them stay longer, and look around more.

But creating videos is an expensive and complex operation, with many corporate videos costing $10K up to $25K for just a couple of minutes.

We realize that this type of video is beyond the majority of our clients, so we have compiled the following videos that we can customize to meet the needs of most our Audio Video Clients. (Please keep watching this page. We will be releasing additional videos for clients of many of the other industries we specialize in).

Select the desired video(s) and the audio options below to get started!

Company Videos

Each video comes with the option of either a music only track, a professionally recorded script using the same copy as the demo videos, or a fully custom written script that is professionally recorded and synced to the videos. Voice recordings are available in male/female voices, 40+ languages, and numerous country dialects (some languages may cost extra).

Smart-Home Video Included Customization

  • Intro Images and Intro Text
  • Scene 1 — 3 Photos
  • Scene 2 — Automation Photo
  • Scene 3 — Automation Photo #2
  • Scene 4 — 3 Photos
  • Scene 5 — 2 Photos & Logo
  • Closing Image and Closing Text

Portfolio Video Included Customization

  • Intro Images and Intro Text
  • 7 Project Photos with Text Overlays*
  • Closing Image and Closing Text
  • Logo Sting with Website at end

Services Video Included Customization:

  • Scene 1 — Automation Product Photo
  • Scene 2 — Whole House Audio Product Photo
  • Scene 3 — Home Theater Product Photo
  • Scene 4 — Lighting Control Product Photo
  • Scene 5 — Security Product Photo
  • Scene 6 — Surveillance Product Photo
  • Scene 7 — Central Vacuum Product Photo
  • Closing Logo Sting and Closing Text
  • Scene Background Videos┬ádo not change. Custom video clips available upon request

Brand Video Included Customization:

  • Logo Sting with Website at end

* Customers should provide pictures of their own projects. The Portfolio Video may be turned into an Idea Video using stock or manufacturer videos.

Smart-Home Video

Smart-Home Video

Portfolio Video

Portfolio Video

Services Video

Services Video

Brand Video (Sonos)

Brand Video (Sonos)

Animation Explainer Videos

When it comes to explaining a product or service, the animated explainer video is a great way to relate with your clients.

Our animated explainer videos come in 2 levels, the Standard Animated Videos that uses a standard set of characters, sets, and props and our Premium Animated Videos which include custom storyboards, characters, sets, and props as well as audio lip syncing.


Our Animated Video Production Process


Creative Brief: we ask you to fill out a questionnaire that will help our team get started.

Pre-Production Call: next we setup a call to discuss the questionnaire and answer any questions. We will also go over the concept that we have put together.

Storyboard: we now put together a pictorial overview of how we envision the video to flow. We will also include the proposed script.

Video Production: now that we have the full story and script approved, we start with the actual video production. This is usually the longest portion, often we will send you the first few seconds to review to ensure we are on the right track.

Audio Production: with the video production finalized we help you select a voice talent and add in any sound effects and background music.

Video Finalization: with the video and audio synced together, we will submit the production for your review and any final tweaks. Once approved we finalize the video and send you the final files.

Standard Animation Videos - Starting at $3,500

Standard Animation Videos - Starting at $3,500

Premium Animation Videos - Starting at $6,500

Premium Animation Videos - Starting at $6,500

Contact for quote

Review and Add to Cart

Video Production Details:

Production Turnaround Time: this time can vary depending if there is a custom script, special voice audio, or other customization factors, but on average the Company Videos take between 1-3 weeks. The Animated Explainer Videos take on average between 3-6 weeks.

Website Installation: this is a service that we offer in the event that you would require our assistance on setting up the video on your website. It is highly recommended that the videos* are uploaded to a YouTube or similar streaming video account, and then embedded on your website.

Contact us if you need help setting up a streaming video account.

* StudioTask websites require that the video(s) are streamed from a YouTube account.

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