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Who is Relidy?
Before We Began

It all started when a couple integrators noticed an opportunity. Day in and day out, they worked hard out in the field growing the business and making a solid name for themselves as trusted audio, video, and security experts. However, they realized there were some areas in their sales and marketing approach that needed some serious improvements. It was time for a revamp of the branding efforts to kickstart new growth of the company. After being turned off by local design firms who clearly didn't have a clue about the industry, they decided maybe it was best to take it upon themselves to create a new logo, business cards, brochures, and website. This too had its obvious downsides. First, it was incredibly time consuming. They were wearing enough "hats" as it was. Secondly, the results were less than satisfactory on the graphics side of things being it that they were "photoshop amateurs" at best. In hindsight they wondered if there might of been a marketing company that uniquely understood their business and could of handled it all professionally and quickly. With a little research, they discovered there were no solutions out there for the many integrators likely facing the same situation. They decided to fill that void and created Relidy.

About Us

Within hours of launching, they received their first order.  They immediately knew they were onto something special.  It didn’t take long to quickly garner the attention and support of industry players like CEPro, CEDIA, SnapAV, Bay Audio, ISF, and many others. 

Fast forward to today; Relidy has grown from offering only a handful of services to now providing dozens of industry-tailored marketing products and services.  From the first day order to now thousands from integrators all over the world, Relidy has continued to see exciting growth.  The growing team now consists of professional graphic designers, website developers, degreed software programmers, and marketing experts.


What is Relidy?
About Us

The name "Relidy" derives from 'Resources for Lifestyle Design'. The custom electronics industry is all about enhancing lifestyles through technology. Here at Relidy, we're all about helping integrators succeed in their business and therefore enhance their lifestyle as well.

From website and seo solutions to all sorts of print design options, to eNewsletters, logowear, vehicle graphics and more... Relidy offers just about every sales and marketing tool an integrator will ever need.

We make it easy too. It all starts online at where you'll find the right solution(s) for you. Placing an order and setting up an account is easy. Your assigned designers will then contact you to begin the project with a creative brief. From there, you will work closely with your design team to get the project just right before your approval.

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Why Choose Relidy?

Relidy is the #1 trusted sales and marketing resource to integrators all over the world. Our team is 100% dedicated to this industry. We understand the day in the life as an integrator... we lived it firsthand! We're already familiar with your products / services and have a unique perspective on what works and what doesn't specifically for the our industry.

Here are a few more reasons to consider:

  • • Unlimited Revisions at no extra charge
  • • 50,000+ product & lifestyle images for you to use
  • • We write the initial industry specific content for any of your projects
  • • Friendly design staff always available by phone and email
  • • Industry-Tailored Website CMS (content management system)
  • • Don't require you to print with us because we give you the files to keep
  • • Members of CEDIA, CEA, InfoComm, and exclusive CEProVIP partners

Over 80% of our customers become return customers. That means something's working.

What are you waiting for?

About Us