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Content Marketing is one of the most effective methods for lead generation online. Recent developments in search engine algorithms have helped relevant and unique content to become more important each day.

Content Marketing is an effective marketing strategy. It focuses on providing website visitors with interesting and new content that takes many forms, from blogs and articles to email marketing, and press releases. Instead of just making hard sales pitches, content marketing serves as a way to introduce website visitors to your brand. It's a low pressure way to bring new leads into your sales process, all the while providing content that is truly helpful and useful.

Start with one of our Content Marketing Plans for a comprehensive marketing strategy, next add a Blog is you don't already have one. We recommend StudioTask Blogs for their ease of use. Not interested in a comprehensive plan? We also offer just blog article creation services.

Select a Content Marketing Plan

Select a Content Marketing plan below. Each plan starts with an Article selected from a topic from our library. Each Article is tailored to your company's services, image, and branding. Each Article is usually between 300 and 500 words and includes 1 revision. The Article is then posted to your blog and existing social media accounts (setup of new Blog or Social Media account is not included. Select a Blog below if you don't already have one). Finally, an email marketing blast sent to your selected contacts and then distributed as a press release if included in your selected plan. A 30-minute consultation is included each month to go over progress of plan.

All Content Marketing plans will be billed on the 1st of each month regardless of sign up date. There is no contract and the Content Marketing program may be cancelled any time with a 15 day written notice.

Blog Article and Post

Prefer just the Blog Article and Blog Post over a Content Marketing Plan? Select 1 of 3 options below to get started.

Blog articles are pulled on our library and then tailored for your company. Each Blog article includes 300-500 words and up to 4 images. All Blog articles include 1 revision. Customer must provide feedback within 3 days of article submission, otherwise article is assumed to be approved and will be published as is. The Blog articles are then posted to your online blog along with the relevant images .

Blog Posts

Blog Options

Need to add a Blog to your website? Select one of the Blog options below to continue.

StudioTask Blogs integrate into all Relidy StudioTask based websites including Flex and Maxx packages. The advantages of a StudioTask blog is the easy of updates and maintenance.

WordPress Blogs require additional website coding knowledge, but provide additional capabilities. The disadvantages are a higher level of coding knowledge and the requirement to constantly update the WordPress code, template, and plugin modules. When combined with a StudioTask website, the WordPress Blog will be placed on a sub-domain...


Review and Add to Cart

To get started, select the Content Marketing Plan, Blog type, if needed, in Step 1.

Next, in Step 2 select desired turnaround time. Then review your order details in Step 3, and select the Add to Cart button. You will be instructed to Login and then to Place your Order.

Blog Revisions: all articles include 1 revision.

Standard Turnaround Time: is 5-10 days for blog coding.

Rush Turnaround Time: is 2-6 days for blog coding.

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