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Email Hosting

Email is critical for your business, don't gamble with a lesser service. When your email is down, so is your business. We know how even a short time of downtime impacts your productivity and your bottom line. That's why we have teamed up with the top rated email hosting company in the world, Rackspace, so that you can sleep with the assurance that your email will be there when you need it.

We make it simple for your company to communicate and get things done by offering a variety of reliable, business-class email solutions to meet your needs.

Premium Email

Our Premium Email goes anywhere you need to get your work done. Stay connected, secure, and up to date on your mobile phone, desktop, or through a web browser.

Hosted Exchange

Get the most out of Outlook®, desktop and mobile, with Hosted Microsoft Exchange. Enjoy the gold standard in business email.

Premium 25GB Mailboxes

Large Premium mailboxes starting at 25GB of storage that you will have a tough time filling up.

Exchange Hosted 100GB Mailboxes

Extra large Exchange Hosted mailboxes starting at 100GB of storage that you will have a tough time filling up.

Secure POP/IMAP Connection

Our Premium Email service features secure POP/IMAP access, so that you can still use your favorite desktop clients like Outlook and Mac Mail.

Improved Security

Hosted Exchange offers the security your business requires. With fully managed data centers and three Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans and SSL encryption, security is paramount.

Mobile Email

POP and IMAP work seamlessly with most smart phone email clients. If you need push email, calendar sync, or contact sync, use the Mobile Sync for Webmail feature.

Backup & Retrieval

Recover email messages in Outlook for up to 14 days. Restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days.


With a robust browser based email application, mobile synchronization, instant messaging and more, our Premium Email Hosting service is the primary email choice for most of our clients.

Email Archiving

Additional optional email archiving services with unlimited storage and retention for just $3.00 per mailbox per month.

Custom Mailboxes

Present a professional appearance and experience with custom email accounts...

Migration Services

Migrate your in-house or hosted email accounts to your new Premium or Hosted Exchange accounts. Don't lose your emails just because you changed services.


Select Type

We offer three Email Hosting options, select the type that you want to setup and use.

Premium Email: Includes powerful, professional hosted email @ your domain for just $3.00 per user mailbox per month (minimum of $10 per month total charge). Email is accessible from Outlook, Mac Mail, your mobile, or via webmail interface.

Hosted Exchange Email: Includes fully manged Hosted Microsoft Exchange enabling you to get the most out of Outlook, desktop and mobile services. For just $11 per mailbox per month you can enjoy the gold standard in business email.

Hosted Exchange Hybrid Email: Save money by combining Hosted Exchange email accounts with the more affordable Premium Email accounts all on a single domain to serve users with different email needs.


Email Account Type

Account Quantity

  • Premium Email: $3/month

    Hosted Exchange: $11/month

Email Migration

Migration service for both new Premium and Exchange Hosted email accounts. Don't lose all your business email history just because you changed services.

We will copy your live server data to our email host with zero impact to your source environment.

The migrated environment goes live once we change your MX email records. Finally we run an additional migration to capture any differential data.

Note: Your email needs to be stored on the server for the migration to work. If it's only stored on your computer, there won't be anything we can copy.

Number of Accounts to Migrate

  • $25.00

Optional Email Account Setup Assistance

While we provide you with detailed instructions on how to setup the email accounts on your computers and mobile devices, there are those times when a device just does not want to cooperate.

We now offer custom email setup assistance on your devices. Simply select the number of hours, and one of our programmers will help you setup your devices. You can always add more hours if you have new devices to setup or have a particularly stuborn device.

Setup Assistance Time

  • $150.00

Review and Add to Cart

To get started, simply make your selections above, then Add to Cart. You will be instructed to Login and then to Place your Order.

After receiving order confirmation, the Relidy team will contact you for email account details and domain registrar account information to make any necessary MX record updates. Detailed instructions will be available showing you how to setup various email clients and platforms once your accounts are created.

Your credit card will be automatically billed on the 1st day of each month or yearly if setup*, until canceled in writing. There is no contract term, and your Email Hosting Plan may be canceled anytime with a 10 day minimum notice before the next renewal date.


*There is a minimum of $10 charge per month. Accounts with 5 or less emails will be automatically setup for yearly payments.

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Exchange Emails$0.00
Email Archives$0.00
Email Migrations$0.00
Account Setup Assistance$0.00
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