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Staggered Cut Flyer Overview

The Staggered Cut Flyers are the ideal way to present your company's various services. Combine the Staggered Cut Flyers with a matching presentation folder for the perfect professional quotation delivery package guaranteed to impress any client.

Organize your marketing campaign into clear points and give each a their own flyer. Separate your services, one per flyer, and then pass out only those pages that relevant to the project that you are bidding. Then refill the folder with the appropriate flyers.

The Staggered Cut Flyers in conjunction with a matching presentation folder is easily one of the most effective and versatile marketing and sales tool in your arsenal.

Select your Staggered Cut Flyer and Folder options and printing below to get started!

Staggered Cut Flyer Options

The Staggered Cut Flyer come with various options:

Pages: options range from a 3 page package all the way to an 8 page package. Select the number of pages that best match the number of products or services that you want advertise.

Page Stagger: the page stagger is the difference in size that each page is from the previous. There are 2 stagger options, 1/4" and 1/2". See list below of actual stagger page size ranges.

1/4 inch Stagger Page Sizes:

- 3 Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x10.50
- 4-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x10.25
- 5-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x10.00
- 6-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x9.75
- 7-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x9.50
- 8-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x9.25

1/2 inch Stagger Page Sizes:

- 3 Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x10.00
- 4-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x9.50
- 5-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x9.00
- 6-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x8.50
- 7-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x8.00
- 8-Page - 8.5x11 to 8.5x7.50

Stagger Depth

3 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $590.00

4 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $790.00

5 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $995.00

6 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $1190.00

7 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $1390.00

8 Page Flyer Pack

- Size: 8 1/2 x 11

content $1580.00

Staggered Cut Flyer Paper Options

Staggered Cut Flyers are available in a variety of paper types. These include:

100lb Gloss Book: A durable and multipurpose weight stock paper.

100lb Gloss Cover: A thick, durable, and heavy weight card stock paper.

80lb Recycled Matte Book: Paper containing recovered fiber,with a light weight matte finish.

100lb Recycled Matte Cover: Paper containing recovered fiber, with a heavy weight card stock paper with a matte finish.

100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating
100lb Gloss Cover with Aqueous Coating
80lb Recycled Dull Text with Matte Finish
100lb Recycled Dull Cover with Matte Finish

Optional Matching Folder

Presentation Folders that are designed specifically to match the style and design of the above selected Staggered Cut Flyer designs listed on this page. This design purchase price is not valid with the purchase of a Staggered Cut Flyer design.

Matching Folder Design

Matching Folder

- Size: 9 x 12

content $450.00

Presentation Folder Options

The Presentation Folders come with several pocket layout options, select from 1 or 2 pockets and from 2, 1 or no card slits. The card slits are designed to fit our standard 2"x 3.5" business cards.

Personalize the Presentation Folder with a your business card inserted into the pocket.

Select the Presentation Folder paper and finish below then select the quantity to be printed at the bottom of the page.

2 Pockets with

- 2 slits, one on each pocket


2 Pockets with

- 1 slit on right pocket only


2 Pockets with

- No slits


1 Pocket Right Side

- 1 slit on right side


1 Pocket Right Side

- No slits


Folder Paper Options

Folders are available in a variety of paper types. These include:

14 Point Gloss Coated Card Stock: A heavy gloss coated card stock (coated two sides).

14 Point Premium Uncoated Card Stock: same as the above, but without any coating.

14pt Gloss Coated Cover with UV
14pt Premium Uncoated Cover

Design Options
Select a Design Option below, pricing will update at bottom of page.

Semi-Custom Style Based Design:

Our Semi-Custom Design begins with the selection of one of the styles listed below. Each style based design starts with the selected style and is personalized to fit your company's image and services. Includes Relidy's Unlimited Revisions policy.

Full Custom Design:

Our Full Custom Design service starts from your original ideas and concepts and includes a careful analysis of your needs. Through a specialized process, Relidy will collect information about your company and utilize that information to create a unique design that is tailored to your business. Includes Relidy's Unlimited Revisions policy.

Style Guide Selection
Start your design, choose a semi-custom style or opt to go with a full-custom design.
Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy
Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy Relidy
Full Custom

IMPORTANT: By selecting one of the styles above, you are providing our design team with a starting point for your project design to best match your unique company image. With Relidy's Unlimited Revisions Policy, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Totals and Printing

Select the number of Staggered Cut Flyers and option matching Presentation Folder sets you would like to order. A high resolution print ready PDF file is also available for purchase.

Standard Design Turnaround Time: is 5-7 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 3-5 days after receipt.

Rush Design Turnaround Time: is 1-3 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 1-2 days after receipt.

Staggered Cut Flyers and matching Folder come with Relidy's "Unlimited Revisions" for a 30 day period. At the end of the Unlimited Revisions period, all additional revisions will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Description Totals
Staggered Cut Flyer Design $
Design Turnaround Time
Flyer Printing $
High Resolution Flyer PDF
Matching Folder Design
Folder Printing
High Resolution Folder PDF
Total $


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