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Internet Marketing Overview

Gone are the days of building a website and waiting for customers to come flocking to your business. With over 150 thousand new websites being launched each day, websites now have to be actively marketed in order to be found by potential customers.

True Internet Marketing is the sum of multiple parts. Each part can by itself increase your website visitors or the number of conversions, but each part by itself is limited to what it can accomplish. Internet Marketing starts with your website and how it is built and optimized. Next comes the website's ranking, this is a complex combination of links, listings, and general buzz about your website around the Internet. Then there are a multitude of maps, directories, and lists that should all show the correct information about your company. This should about cover the basics of organic SEO. Paid SEO or SEM is a completely different aspect of Internet Marketing. SEM includes pay-per-click and pay-per-view adverts that attempt to target and actively pull in potential customers. Social Media is another facet of Internet Marketing that can have a tremendous influence on your website rankings. And finally, but not least is the analysis of the website traffic and determination of which areas are providing the best conversions and providing the most return for their investment.

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Internet Marketing Packages

Our Internet Marketing Packages combine elements of all our Internet Marketing services into several packages designed to provide the best Internet Marketing Strategy for your budget. With each package we analyze your company, goals, customer base, and competition in order to customize our approach to reach your desired target.


Local SEO

Local SEO or Organic SEO is the optimization of a website based on keywords, content, and ranking. With Local SEO we optimize your site to increase the visibility and ranking for natural local searches.

GEO Local

GEO Local or Geographic SEO is an often overlooked, but important function of SEO. There are many different on-line map services and directory listings that customers use to find local services and products.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO goes beyond the local markets and is designed for national or international markets. Each Enterprise SEO Campaign is custom tailored for each customer's specific markets and goals.

SEO Adverts

SEO Adverts or Search Engine Marketing actively promotes a website product or service through paid on-line advertisements. We perform in-depth research, setup your account, design the ads and monitor and maintain them for your specific campaign period.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest growing on-line marketing opportunities. With your business Social Media accounts you will be able to reach out to your fans on a regular basis very inexpensively. Social Media is also a great way to build website ranking and status.

Traffic Analysis

By analyzing your website traffic, on-line campaigns can be monitored and optimized. Traffic Analysis will also provide details about what type of person is visiting your site, where is the traffic coming from, and what sections and pages of your website are being visited.