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Email Marketing

One of the most effective methods for marketing your company and generating new business is Email Marketing! Relidy's new Email Marketing service is one of the most powerful and robust yet easy-to-use system with many premium features usually only found on much more expensive systems. With powerful premium features like Inbox Analysis, Social Sharing, Advanced Reporting, and industry leading Email Deliverability, Relidy's Email Marketing service offers features as standard what many other services charge premium prices for.

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Relidy Email Marketing
Features Overview
Create and Send Email Campaigns
Create and send email newsletters to your subscriber lists with ease, speed and creativity. Comes with an array of tools for beginners and experts. Check out the 6 ways to create an email.
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Every email marketers understands the importance of email deliverability. We make it our top priority to get your email marketing into the inbox.
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Inbox Analysis
Check your campaign design and content against email clients and spam filters. See an actual rendering of your email in up to 30 different email clients.
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Google Analytics Integration
Track conversions and revenue from each email campaign inside your email marketing reports and on your Google Analytics dashboard.
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List Management
We manage all your email marketing lists automatically. You'll never have to worry about unsubscribes, bounces or subscriptions.
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List Personalization
Get personal with all sorts of cool ways to segment and target your lists with custom content, offers and promotions: dynamically and automatically.
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Message Quality Score
A free spam check that scans your HTML and copy and provides you with a comprehensive numerical grade that reflects the likelihood of triggering a spam filter.
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See exactly who opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and more. You'll never pay for extra reporting. We give you all the data you need to measure the success of your campaign.
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Triggered Emails
Send welcome emails, drip campaigns and happy birthday messages with our powerful triggered email tool.
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Easy Cast
Create, send and track email marketing using your own email client. You still get all the great reporting of our web-based interface.
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Social Sharing
Email is social too. Automatically tweet your campaigns and enable your subscribers to share your content across social media sites.
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Multiple Users
Every Email Marketing account has three logins at no charge. You can add more and provide each user with a different set of permissions.
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Number of Email Contacts Monthly Price

100,000+ call for pricing

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Sign-up your Email Marketing subscription according to the number of permission-based email contacts you have in your list.

As a monthly subscriber and you’ll receive unlimited sending to your permission-based Email lists all for one low monthly fee. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed on the 1st of each month*.

Have less than 100 Email Contacts? Then you qualify for a FREE Account.

* Subscription cancellations required before 25th of the month.

Choose Template Design Packages

Template Packages*

$495.00 ea


*All templates follow layouts as shown in samples and come with custom created headers and footers with matching color schemes. Content is strictly filler text. Industry specific content copy-writing services are available in step 3.


Each Relidy Email Marketing account comes with 10 Basic Layout Templates and 5 Publisher Layout Templates. These 15 Layout Templates provide example layouts only, but do not include any graphics or text. They are an excellent starting point for the moderately experienced email marketer. For the less experienced email marketer, Relidy offers several premium template packages and a custom email template design service.

Template Packages
  Advanced Premium
News Template
view sample
view sample
Event Invitation
view sample
Tech Bulletin
view sample
Holiday Greeting
view sample


Select Industry Content Program
Standard Program

Custom eNews Content Creation

$395.00 ea
$375.00 ea
$350.00 ea
$325.00 ea

In addition to email templates, Relidy also offers email industry content copy-writing and email editing and sending services. These include:

Monthly Pre-designed eNewsletter: each month we offer 4 different standard topics, one each for Residential, Commercial, Security, and Mobile. This service takes a pre-designed template purchased in step 2 and sends out the email with the pre-written content.

Custom eNews Content Copy: with this service, the email content for 1 topic is custom written and this content is inserted into a template purchased in step 2. Custom content copy writing is available either as a one time purchase or as a discounted monthly program.

Add to Cart

Review your Email Marketing selection and when correct, add to cart. For the FREE email subscription, please select the "Purchase Free Email Subscription" on the check out page only if not purchasing any other product or service.

Template Design Turnaround Time: is 5-7 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 3-5 days after receipt.

Content Copy Writing Turnaround Time: is 7-10 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 1-3 days after receipt.

Template Graphic Design Only comes with Relidy's "Unlimited Revisions" for a 30 day period. At the end of the Unlimited Revisions period, all additional revisions will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Description Totals
Monthly Subscription Cost
Template Packages
Content Program

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By purchasing this service, you agree to the Anti-Spam Policy
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