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Newspaper Advert Overview

Newspapers are still a very effective advertising medium. Even though there has been a lot of news about the decline of newspapers, the facts are that seven in ten adults read a newspaper or its website each week. This still gives newspaper advertising a much larger reach than Magazines. Newspapers are still one of the fastest and most flexible advertising venues. Newspaper advertising is still viewed with more trust and credibility than any other medium. Professionally designed newspaper ads produce results every day and help build brands.

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Newspaper pages are laid out on a grid consisting of a margin on four sides and a set number of vertical columns. Ads are often measured using column inches. The column inch is a unit of space one column wide by one inch high.

If your newspaper does not use column inches, please select the percentage of the page that your ad will cover.

You will need to send us the exact dimensions of your advert to get the design process started. Your newspaper should have a media kit available that will explain the exact size and format that your have selected.

Running a 3 or more ad campaign? Save by selecting the 3 ad campaign option and we will design 3 similar ads containing the same message. For example, most publications offer 3 months packages for which we would then design 3 variations of the advert.

Below are some samples of recently completed newspaper adverts. You can view more in our portfolio section.




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Standard Design Turnaround Time: is 3-5 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 3-4 days after receipt.

Rush Design Turnaround Time: is 1-2 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 1-2 days after receipt.

Newspaper Advert designs come with Relidy's "Free 30 Day Revisions" (minimum of 3 revisions). All additional revisions will be charged hourly.

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