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Save Time and Engage Visitors with Content Sliders. Content sliders are everywhere these days! Well-implemented and designed content sliders are engaging for website visitors, and encourage them to stay on the page longer.

By consolidating media into one place, you give the user the ability to focus. Studies show that images distract from text, so by placing your visual content in a slider, you allow the user to choose when they focus their attention on image/rich content, instead of breaking their reading flow. It lets users focus on discrete pieces of content.

If you're frequently posting updates, you'll often want to highlight them on your website to draw attention to them. StudioTask is the perfect platform to enable you to make these updates frequently.

Select Header Option

Standard Website Header

The Standard Slideshow Headers includes customized background images with floating text on a seperate layer.

Standard Header Options

Advanced Website Header

The Advanced Slideshow Headers add product images or other images on other layers that would also include movement such as floating in from off screen.

Advanced Header Options

Video Website Header

The Video Slideshow Headers includes a video playing on the slide of your choice along with text floating on a seperate layer.

Video Header Options

Review and Add to Cart

To get started, select the desired Sideshow Header in Step 1.

Next, in Step 2 select desired turnaround time. Then review your order details in Step 3, and select the Add to Cart button. You will be instructed to Login and then to Place your Order.

Image Revisions: all images include 1 revision.

Standard Turnaround Time: is 5-10 days for blog coding.

Rush Turnaround Time: is 2-6 days for blog coding.

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Extra video(s)$0.00
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