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Interactive Showrooms

Ever had difficulty explaining to a customer how a system actually worked? With an interactive system demo, the customer can get a good idea before buying.

Select from a series of interactive demos to help you in the sales process!

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Relidy has partnered with Innea to bring you 6 different Interactive Showrooms that are optimized for both the computer and tablet environments.

The Interactive Showrooms both common residential, commercial, and educational settings. Each Showroom is available in both Standard and Custom configurations.

Residential Showrooms:

Apartment Living Room layout includes motorized shades, fully interactive television, lighting control, intercom, security and camera systems. The virtual environment operates just like a real automated system.

Home Cinema Setting includes a projector and screen layout with a motorized curtain. Also includes fully adjustable lights and a good selection of videos and music.

The Yacht Lounge includes a fully functional hot tube with an interactive television and ambient mood lighting.

Commercial Showrooms:

Corporate Board Room setup includes a lighting control system with motorized shades, projection presentation system, media package and climate control.

Hotel Suite shows an automation package which includes lighting and climate control with an entertainment system.

Educational Showrooms:

Large Classroom demo provides a good example of how an intelligent classroom could be configured with lighting control, a presentation systems and an audio system.

Standard Showrooms include exactly what you see in these demos and are not customized in any way.

Custom Showrooms include your company logo, background scenery picture to match your location, and tablet active button color to match your prefered color.

Installation Option
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Relidy Website Installation $125.00
3rd Party Customer Websites $200.00
Additional Website Page(s) for Showrooms
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Additional Web Pages
(Relidy Websites Only)

Relidy offers several installation and embedding options from dedicated website pages for each demo to an embedded demo that pops up in a shadow box like the examples on this page.

Relidy will install these Interactive Showrooms on any customer's website or on any Relidy built website.

Please select the installation option that best fits your requirements and add any additional web pages that you would like to go along with the Interactive Showrooms.


Select the number of Interactive Showrooms that you would like to order and have built into your website. Each Interactive Showroom comes with its own license and will work in both the PC and Apple environments. The environment will be auto selected to display either a Flash or HTML5 version of the demo.

Turnaround Time is between 1-2 weeks for a standard Interactive Showroom and 3-4 weeks for a custom Interactive Showroom. Installation time will be dependent if any extra pages are required and platform that the website is built around.

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