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Multi-Page Brochure Folders

Something special happens when you receive a great presentation.

You open it up and the sharp images and crisp information strike you. As you turn the pages and see more of the story, your respect for them grows. And when you reach the end, there is your business card with contacts AND added information prepared just for you in the integrated folder pocket. As you take out your enclosed information, you're already in a positive state of mind thanks to the professional presentation you have just experienced.


THAT'S the power of the Relidy Brochure Folder

These multi-page brochure folders are slightly oversized at 9"x12" so they easily accommodate a standard letter sized proposal, quote or tech sheets. Any of your proposals that are packaged in our Brochure Folder are guaranteed to make a lasting first impression and open the door to closing the sale.

Select your multi-page brochure folder design and printing options below. Follow the guides, answer the questions and get started!

Select Content Options

Select the level of content that you would like to be included with your multi-page brochure folder design. With Client Supplied, you are responsible for supplying all the text and any specialized images. Relidy enters only filler text and standard images from our library.

Over the years Relidy has written a lot of content for the Audio Video and Security industries. With Relidy Standard content, we pull from this database of content and provide it as a first round that you can use as a good starting point. Requests for any content not included in our database will be billed at an hourly rate.

With the Custom Copywriting option, our copywriters will write the content per your direction up to 500 words per page and 1 round of revisions.

Select Pages

Next, select the number of pages you want in your brochure folder. The maximum number of pages available for the Brochure Folders are 20 pages.

The inside of the back cover includes a pocket where you can insert standard letter sized documents of up to 10 pages. There are also slots to insert a standard business card. The overall size of a closed Brochure Folder is 9"x12".


Brochure Folders

Select the Number of Pages

Select Pages


The number of pages include the front and back covers (4 pages) and the (X pages) inside pages. The maximum number of pages available is 20 pages. (4 cover pages and 16 inside pages).

Select Design Option

Each project starts with a creative brief. We offer a selection of styles to help the process get started and going in the right direction, or if you prefer a full custom design, we can start with a "blank sheet of paper". Please select from our styles or go with Full Custom. (price change with full custom)

Choose a style guide to get started
The complete personalization treatment
  • 30 days free revisions
  • Customized designs
  • Unique designs
  • 100,000+ images
  • No templates used
  • Industry content

Go custom for a truly unique result
Start from scratch without a style guide

Choosing "Full Custom" completely opens the door to a truly unique result. The Relidy design team will discuss with you the direction of the aesthetics and gather your thoughts before creating your one-of-a-kind project.

Full custom design
Semi-Custom style guides
  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Dramatic
  • Avant-garde
  • Elegant
  • Tech
  • Deco
  • Nouveau

Select Printing Options

Introductory Offer - Limited time only!

Business Cards

Receive a matching business card design and one set of equal number of printed business cards for free! (or send us your existing print ready files)

Review and Add to Cart

Multi-Page Brochure Folder Design and Printing Details:

Standard Design Turnaround Time is 7-12 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 4-6 days after receipt.

Rush Design Turnaround Time is 2-5 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 1-3 days after receipt.

All Multi-Page Brochure Folders come with Relidy's "30 Day Free Revisions" period (minimum of 3 revisions). At the end of the Free Revisions period, all additional revisions will be automatically charged at the current standard hourly rate.

Multi-Page Brochure Folder printing is a Relidy exclusive and must be purchased with Relidy. Printing may be purchased with design or at a later date.

Printing Turn Around time is between 6 to 8 weeks due to the specialized multi-product process.

Print ready files will NOT be offered with this product.

Turnaround time
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