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Move-In Marketing Program

Our Move-In Marketing Program helps you target and reach new homeowners, renters, and businesses. Statistically new owners will spend an average of $12,000 in the first 6 months of moving into a new residence. That is 5 times more than an average household does in 5 years. New movers will be looking to install or activate security monitoring, install or setup audio/video equipment within the first 60 days of moving.

Our Move-In Marketing contact list is compiled daily with the latest data available. We mail out weekly ensuring that the contact data is never older than 7 days and that the your mail is in your customer's hands between 7 to 14 days after they move in. This is the most critical decision making time for Security and then Audio and Video systems.

Market your company and its services to these potential new customers while they are needing for your services. Our lists also include telephone numbers where available enabling you to directly follow up in person.


The Commercial Move-In Mailer Program targets New Business. Mailer contacts are based on the installation of phone services. With telephone services being installed an average of two weeks before a new business actually opens its doors, makes it the ideal time to present your services.

Mailer Type/Size Design

Select your post card size or a tri-fold brochure. We custom the design to maximize the impact of your mailer. With our Unlimited Revisions Policy, you are sure to be satisfied. The bigger the post card, the more likely it will be to get noticed. Or if you have a lot to offer, select the tri-fold design.

Deposit and Terms

To start your Move-In Mailer program a deposit equal to 500 mailers is required along with the design fee. Once the deposit funds are used, an additional deposit will automatically be debited. The automated deposit amount may be adjusted to reflect monthly mailer usage. Your Move-In Mailer program may be cancelled at any time with a 7 day written notice.

Mailer Type/Size Design

  • $295.00

  • $325.00

  • $350.00

  • $395.00

  • $495.00

  • Minimum quantity of 500 required.

Package Total

  • $ @$ each

  • $