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Folded Brochures

The Folded Brochure is the perfect affordable method for introducing prospective customers to your company. These colorful and glossy brochures stand out and help create a positive impression about your company's products and services. They are the ideal and cost effective solution for events and shows to hand out with out breaking the bank. Consider several targeted folded brochures, for example a version for your residential customers and a version for your commercial clients.

The folded brochures come in a large variety of sizes and folding options. From the very popular tri-fold brochure to the more unique double parallel reverse fold brochure.

We highly recommend going with a 100 lb cover stock for that solid and robust feel. First impressions are made up of the total presentation.

Select your folded brochure design and printing options below to get started!

Select Brochure Size

Relidy offers a large selection of brochure sizes and design options. We can design your brochure in either American sizes or European sizes. All printing costs are for American size format brochures. Please contact us for European sized printing costs.

All our brochures are designed specifically to complement your company image. Select from our style based semi-custom or full custom design services.

Choose folding options in Step 2 and printing paper stock options and quantities in Step 4.


Select Design Size

View more sizes

Select Folding Options

Several folding options are available. Select your folded brochure size to see what folding options are available with that size. Depending on the folding option that you select, the brochure will be designed to match the folding.

Select Folding Options

Select Design Option

Each project starts with a creative brief. We offer a selection of styles to help the process get started and going in the right direction, or if you prefer a full custom design, we can start with a "blank sheet of paper". Please select from our styles or go with Full Custom. (price change with full custom)

Choose a style guide to get started
The complete personalization treatment
  • 30 days free revisions
  • Customized designs
  • Unique designs
  • 100,000+ images
  • No templates used
  • Industry content

Go custom for a truly unique result
Start from scratch without a style guide

Choosing "Full Custom" completely opens the door to a truly unique result. The Relidy design team will discuss with you the direction of the aesthetics and gather your thoughts before creating your one-of-a-kind project.

Full custom design
Semi-Custom style guides
  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Dramatic
  • Avant-garde
  • Elegant
  • Tech
  • Deco
  • Nouveau

Select Printing Options

Review and Add to Cart

Folded Brochure Design and Printing Details:

Standard Design Turnaround Time: is 5-8 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 3-5 days after receipt.

Rush Design Turnaround Time: is 1-3 days for first proof after order placement. Revisions will be processed 1-2 days after receipt.

All Folded Brochures come with Relidy's "30 Day Free Revisions" period (minimum of 3 revisions). At the end of the Free Revisions period, all additional revisions will be automatically charged at the current standard hourly rate.

Folded Brochure printing may be purchased with design or at a later day.

A high resolution print ready PDF file is also available for purchase for those wanting to print elsewhere.

Standard printing turn-around is 2-3 weeks depending on the paper and options selected. Contact us for Rush Printing prices.

Fold styleTri-fold
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High Resolution PDF