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Sales Book Overview
It's a Sales Revolution. See for yourself.
They're professional. They're simple. They're selling machines!

Relidy's new KwikPitch Sales Books give your team the power to close more sales directly on the jobsite. Using our Online Package Calculator, it's easy to assemble your favorite systems into ready-to-sign sales sheets. These new sales books were inspired and developed after years of being tested and refined in the field.

Results: dramatic reduction in effort with steady increase in sales!

How it Works

Select the systems and the number of packages you would like to have for each system. For example, you can select Home Theater, Distributed Audio, and Home Automation and have 3 packages each... good, better, best. Remember, you can always add packages to your sales book at anytime.

After package selection and finalizing your order, you will then use our online Package Calculator to determine the details of each package. (pricing, profit, labor, bill of materials, etc...)

Relidy's design team then takes your information and creates your own personalized sales book. Included are 3 revisions. Upon completion, you will receive 1 digital file for on-demand quick sheet printing using your own in-house ink jet or laser printer.

Standard Packages
Customer Configured Packages
Design Services
Relidy Designed Packages

The process of creating your own Sales Books is simple. You can either use our Online Package Calculator or choose to have our team create packages for you.

Relidy The following page will be a list of options for selecting systems and quantities of packages. After assembling your preferred list, you can complete the order. Once the order is processed, you will be sent a questionnaire that will be used by the designer fill out the per-formated sales book templates. Included with the pricing are 3 revisions. Once the sales book has been finalized, a PDF version will be generated and this will be converted to a PDF form to enable easy completion in the field with a tablet of laptop.

Upon completion, you will receive 1 PDF Form File. This file will be configured for easy on-demand printing using your own in-house printer. Ready to get started?

Need help creating your packages?

We offer design services to assist you in creating your packages. Our industry experienced team will assemble for you a set of packages from your list of vendors and parts lists. Wiring diagrams, interconnect charts and installation instruction design services are available upon request. With years of sales, design, and installation experience, our team can design packages that sell.