Dan Milligan
Acme Integration Co.
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the absolutely amazing job you have done for our company here in Scottsdale Arizona. I was leery at first as we had used another company a few years before. The website and brochure (I thought) looked OK, so we were happy, that is until I met you at CEDIA and took a look at the products you were selling. When I laid my eyes on your products I had a pit in my stomach as I knew, right then and there that my web site and brochure were junk compared the web-sites and brochures you were producing. That pit in my stomach continued as I knew we would have to put 100’s of hours again into helping with design and content (which we truly disliked doing for the first company) to get the new brochure going. Much to our surprise you had it already done for us; everything from audio distribution to lighting control, theaters, you name it had pre-written content. All we had to do was pick and choose what we wanted to include. Very simple. I am very picky and can be a pain in the butt. But the folks at Relidy made them anyway and boy, our website and brochure are really, really top notch! These men and women trip over themselves to help you get the best out of their extensive product line. I have told every integrator I know about them and their work. My advice, if you don’t use them, and try to do it all yourself, you’re and idiot. It’s that simple. Give this company a chance. You will be completely, and pleasantly surprised!"