Website Tips

On this page you will find some Website tips about how to make the best use of our services. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing this page, please either chat with an available representative, call us at (877) 759-4440 or visit our contact us page. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding our services.

Style Selection

When selecting a Website Package, carefully review the Design Guide Styles and select one that best fits your company image. This will provide a good starting point for our designer. Your site will then be customize and built around your company image while retaining the basic layout of the selected style. Relidy's styles are NOT templates, but rather a starting point for your website design.

Page Content

Make sure that the content of each page in your new website is regularly updated with the latest company news, services being offered, projects, and other pertinent information. Having outdated information will only damage your company image and limit your sales potential.

Projects, Projects, Projects

The most visited page on any integrator's website is the projects page by far. Many project pages get twice the number of visits than any other page on the website. We here at Relidy feel so strongly about the importance of the Projects section that we now have included it in every website package. Put as many projects and update them as often as you can. Remember, your next customer will most likely want to see what project you have done and how they look!