SEO Tips

On this page you will find some SEO tips about how to make the best use of our services. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing this page, please either chat with an available representative, call us at (877) 759-4440 or visit our contact us page. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding our services.

SEO Tip #1: Update, Update, Update

Update your website content on a regular basis, weekly if at all possible is best. Even just updating the news section will signal the search engine robots that your website is alive and well and that it should be considered in searches. The internet is littered with thousands of "dead" sites that have had the same content of 10 years or more and are essentially useless.

Search engines in general do not like dead sites. One of their principles is to deliver more actual and content dynamic sites in their results. Therefore they don’t like dead sites, dead links and every website which has any smell of death. They even don’t like what we might call exhausted sites, sites which are build up ones and never changed or worked on later. These can also be interpreted as potentially dead or close to dead and are therefore placed at the bottom of the search results

SEO Tip #2: Links, Links, Links

Google's advise sums it all up nicely: "The best way to ensure Google finds your site is for your page to be linked from lots of pages on other sites. Google's robots jump from page to page on the Web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to you, the more likely it is that we'll find you quickly. "

SEO Tip #3: Image Optimization

Optimizing images is becoming more and more important for SEO for websites. Any images that are used on a website should be labeled intelligently. For example, most cameras automatically label a picture as DSC78000.jpg or similar. This label means nothing to anyone, so re labeling it to "Relidy Home Theater Design" will then not only make sense to the search engine spiders, but it will also help in the ranking of your website.

SEO Tip #4: Regularly Review Your Website's Traffic

Performing a regular review of your website's traffic will help you build a smarter marketing strategy and also enable you to track the performance of your marketing efforts. You will also be able to tell which pages your visitors are most interested in. Typically it is project and/or testimonial pages that receive almost twice as much traffic as any other page on an Integrator's website. Add Google Analytics or HitsLink subscription and code to your website for detailed information about your visitors.

SEO Tip #5: Articles and Press Releases

The more articles and press releases you have, the more linked your company will become. And the more linked you are, the higher your rankings. Articles and press releases can be quite an inexpensive method of advertising.