SEO Process

On this page you will learn how our SEO and SEM processes works. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing this page, please either chat with an available representative, call us at (877) 759-4440 or visit our contact us page. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding our processes.

Step 1: Discovery

We start out by sending you a quick questionnaire with some basic questions. We also request that you complete your company's profile which will help us better understand your company, its market, and its clientele.

We will then conduct a phone interview to learn more about your short term and long term goals for your website. This combined information will then be used to plan our SEO strategy that best fits your website.

Step 2: Research

Next, we perform a review of your website, profile, and the completed questionnaire. This will give enough information to start researching and planning the best strategy to help boost your companies rankings.

Step 3: Competitive Analysis

We analyze your competitors that you indicated on your questionnaire to determine which ones have an SEO strategy. We will use this information to help determine Keywords and plan our SEO strategy. This will will provide you with insight on your competitors and help us out rank them.

Step 4: Ranking Report

We generate a report that will be used as baseline of your website's rankings and position at the beginning of the project. This will help both parties measure the optimization and ranking progress over time.

Step 5: Keyword Optimization

We then build up a optimized list of keywords to best help your company rank high in the services and products offered. We carefully review each keyword and phrase to ensure that it will help rank your company as high as possible.

Step 6: Website Content Optimization

Finally we optimize the content of your website, this will depend on the SEO package purchased, but generally includes writing new content, news, and press releases. We also update meta tags and submit the website to the search engines and directories. For additional details on what is included in each SEO package, please visit the SEO comparison chart under the SEO tab.