Magazine Advert Tips

On this page you will find some tips about how to make the best use of your new Magazine Advert Design. If you still have unanswered questions after reviewing this page, please either chat with an available representative, call us at (877) 759-4440 or visit our contact us page. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have regarding our services.

Effective Marketing Tool

Billboards, if designed correctly, can be a very effective marketing tool to convey your company message to a large number of people that aren't currently aware of your company, while reinforcing and generating new projects with your current clientele.

Location! Location! Location!

Location is probably the second most important aspect of a billboard after a simple and catchy message. Since most billboards are located by larger roads, people are driving by at 50 to 75 miles an hour. A properly positioned billboard will attract the attention of most drivers, but a poorly located billboard will be over looked by 95%. A properly located billboard should be close to the road so that it comes naturally into view as the driver is watching the road ahead. Billboard located by intersections, corners, or other distractions will be overlooked and end up being a waste of investment. Even the best designed billboard can be a poor investment if located in the wrong environment.

Message Life Cycle

Most companies will sign up for a 12 month contract and once they have the message designed and the vinyl installed will leave it there for the remainder of the contract. But after a couple of month, 99% of the people traveling by that your billboard (highways are the exception) will have seen your message and will block out your billboard. The message should be updated every 2-3 months for maximum impact.