..just landed a $218,000.00 job..
" A hand full is putting it mildly, just landed a $218,000.00 job from leaving a few copies of the new brochure at a plastic surgeons office. It was one of his clients that pointed it out to him, the surgeon also called me to do some work at his office. Yeah I guess its ok to go ahead and give all my competitors my secrets. lol"
Brian Durand
..won two projects from my company's newly created website..
" I actually won two projects from my company's newly created website built by Relidy. I'm quite ecstatic, the brochure is a real winner. I plan on coming back to you guys for all of my marketing needs by the way. Next is the mailing list and website SEO. Thank you to the whole Relidy Team, Jon A "
Jonathon Anderson
..considered these (other) guys THEN I found Relidy..
" I considered these (other) guys THEN I found Relidy. Not even competition. "
Brad Norman
..Relidy is the best marketing partner..
" Relidy is the best marketing partner a CE Pro could ask for! Yeah, you can quote me on that. "
Julie Jacobson
..our website and brochure are really, really top notch..
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the absolutely amazing job you have done for our company here in Scottsdale Arizona. I was leery at first as we had used another company a few years before. The website and brochure (I thought) looked OK, so we were happy, that is until I met you at CEDIA and took a look at the products you were selling. When I laid my eyes on your products I had a pit in my stomach as I knew, right then and there that my web site and brochure were junk compared the web-sites and brochures you were producing. That pit in my stomach continued as I knew we would have to put 100’s of hours again into helping with design and content (which we truly disliked doing for the first company) to get the new brochure going. Much to our surprise you had it already done for us; everything from audio distribution to lighting control, theaters, you name it had pre-written content. All we had to do was pick and choose what we wanted to include. Very simple. I am very picky and can be a pain in the butt. But the folks at Relidy made them anyway and boy, our website and brochure are really, really top notch! These men and women trip over themselves to help you get the best out of their extensive product line. I have told every integrator I know about them and their work. My advice, if you don’t use them, and try to do it all yourself, you’re and idiot. It’s that simple. Give this company a chance. You will be completely, and pleasantly surprised!"
Dan Milligan
..You do such a great job..
" You do such a great job and always make appropriate additions to cover us. I hope all @ Relidy.com realize what a valuable asset you are to the success of our company. Thanks so much. "
Bill Fuelling
..Relidy is better..
" Compared to other marketing companies, Relidy is better. Extremely satisfied with timeliness/turnaround time."
Jim Lind
..new brochures arrived yesterday and we LOVE them..
" The new brochures arrived yesterday and we LOVE them!!! Oh my gosh! I had to get 50 of my older brochures printed off for my presentation yesterday morning, and they look AWFUL compared to these. "
Kyra Clements
..wanted to let you know how pleased with are with the service..
" Just had our first lead call based on the mailers, and the initial conversation was right on target. I wanted to let you know how pleased with are with the service thus far and we anticipate the move in mailers being a great addition to our marketing programs. "
Jayson Berger
..So thankful for the guys @Relidy..
" So thankful for the guys @Relidy - they always go above and beyond and their work is incredible! "
Kyle King
..Awesome look, professional..
" My cards came in today and I wanted to let you know you and your team really hit it out of the park!! Awesome look, professional, with just enough "bling". Thanks for the hard work, I look forward the next step of my two trifolds. You have a great staff and the design work is second to none. "
Duane Garrett
..the trifolds promote my business in a very professional manner..
" As a Custom Electronics Systems contractor, it was good to have someone knowledgeable of our industry to work with in designing our trifold and business cards. I am a ROI (registered Outreach Instructor) with CEDIA;and when making my presentations to Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders the trifolds promote my business in a very professional manner. "
Anthony Panek
..You guys are still the best..
" You guys are still the best. Love my website and Relidy can quote me on that! "
George Veile
..I could NOT be Happier..
" WOW!!! You have WAY outdone yourself. I could NOT be Happier with how that brochure viewer turned out. I hope you are planning on putting that on everyone's site because that is EXACTLY PERFECT!!! AHHHHH!!! I'm so excited!! You have set the standard too high now! ;-D You guys never cease to amaze! "
Noah Stokes
..recieved 2 new jobs directly from the web site..
" I can honestly say that after the website was finished and posted that within 2 weeks I have recieved 2 new jobs directly from the web site both with a value over $10,000.00 My old site which I had done myself never yeilded that kind of return. Good Job Guys! "
Ken White
..It was very easy they did all the hard work..
" I spent many hours trying to create a professional web site for my business. I was never able to achieve the professional image that I was looking for. That is until I finialy decided to let Relidy build and publish my web site. It was very easy they did all the hard work. All I had to do was add my content. "
Daniel Smith
..I have been really impressed..
" Wow! I have been really impressed! First we had our website completely redesigned by Relidy and the results are fantastic, we get compliments all the time about the professional look of our website. Relidy has made the entire design process so simple, and the designers are very creative and respond immediately when changes are required. We then had a Tri-Fold brochure designed by Relidy and again we have been blown away by the professional results. Not only has Relidy helped our identity, but they have helped our sales increase as well. Thanks so Much! "
James Johnson
..Thanks Relidy..
" We had contemplated for years renewing our company’s website which we had designed. I couldn't get my head around all of the terminology and wording for all the different products and services in our industry. Then along came and e-mail from relidy, a company who was totally familiar with my type of business and already had stock photos for many of the products/manufacturers we represented. And the best part is we can go in and update wording and add products as our business changes. Potential clients have commented on the professional look of our site. Thanks Relidy! "
Melanie Mandros
..Relidy did a great job..
" Relidy did a great job designing and implementing our web site. They did exactly what they said they would for the price quoted. "
Jason Hoppen
..I recommend Relidy strongly..
" I am pleased with the product developed by Relidy. The company has been very responsive to meeting our needs and being flexible with changes. I recommend Relidy strongly. "
Larry Zaiser
..I am very pleased..
" I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with what my lead designer has been up to with my brochures. He has been very prompt and definitely seems to understand what I am looking for with my edits. Keep him happy. He is a great asset and I look forward to working with him again."
Jaime Kolln
..Relidy has been the most professional and knowledgeable marketing company..
" Relidy has been the most professional and knowledgeable marketing company I have worked with in 10 years, to think of the time and money my company could have saved over the years. To think of the money my company could have made using the marketing tools they have given me now. "
Robert Harvey
..love love love the new design..
" We love love love the new design. Well done. "
Kate Deiber
" Excellent experience with Relidy "
Ryan Lipkovicius
..now have a great looking, very clean site..
" When the time came to update our website we considered local companies, and even toyed with doing it in-house. In the end the fact that Relidy understands our industry and comes to the table with the photos, links, and text blurbs for all our products and services ready to go won out. I'd estimate that alone saved about 3 days of my time. We now have a great looking, very clean site that has already sold several new clients. I ran across a site the other day that was done by one of the local companies I was considering. I'm convinced yet again that Relidy was the right choice. "
Brent Wilson
..Extremely satisfied..
" Extremely satisfied with the quality and pricing. "
Jay Cobb
..products are superior to a lot of other competitors..
" Relidy really helped us in our ad design and marketing. Their products are superior to a lot of other competitors out there and the pricing is good. The ideas and talents put together a wonderful package that seems very very expensive but competitive pricing. The support is great as well, changes made with no problems."
Dave Chan
..we will be using them for more of marketing needs..
" I can honestly say we will be using them for more of marketing needs as our feedback from our customers on the email newsletter receives fantastic praise." As a result of one of the newsletters discussing HVAC and energy management, Cyber Home Networks was proud to receive a $5000 climate control upsell from one of his readers. "
Kevin Hourihan
..employee manual template provided an extremely helpful starting point..
" The employee manual template provided an extremely helpful starting point for a thorough and professional manual that would have been difficult to create on our own. "
Susan Shloss
..professional flyer for an unbeatable price..
" Relidy provided our company with a professional flyer for an unbeatable price. Your staff was knowledgeable about the products we sell day to day and appreciate the time you took to quickly make the design changes we requested without any hesitation or extra hidden fees. We have worked with many marketing companies before, but the Relidy staff was outstanding and we look forward to working with you again on our next marketing campaign. Thanks again for helping us build our image. "
Neil Gregory
..very pleased with the website design..
" I am very pleased with the website design and look forward to taking it to the next level with your SEO services. "
Morgan Millward
..wonderful customer service..
" I received wonderful customer service. I did end up going somewhere else to print my flyers but Relidy did an amazing job on our copy! "
Amber Stroud
..Relidy was outstanding..
" Relidy was outstanding in every aspect of my project. Timeliness, attention to detail, quality of material, pricing. In short an amazing experience and value. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you. "
Richard Berrie