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Maxx Websites

The NEW Maxx Website packages are designed to provide you with an option rich website that will help make your company stand out from the competition. The Maxx Websites are uniquely customized from one of our many styles with just the right features to make your online marketing campaigns successful.

Our award winning StudioTask Engine will enable you to quickly and easily update and edit the content while protecting and securing your new website data and content.

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Industry Images Provided

All images (excluding project images) are included from our massive library of 100,000+ industry images. Or you can provide us your own.

Content Copywriting

First round of content is provided for all sections on your new website with our Standard Content Option. This excludes projects, testimonials, and about us content.

Customer Profile

Completing a short company profile provides us with the information to get your new Maxx Website design started in record time.

Personalized Sites

Each Maxx Website is customized from our many styles below to best match your business branding.

Select Content Level
Select Plan
Website Page Configurator

Configure your new Maxx Website and add additional pages and sections. If you are not sure which sections or pages that you want, that's no problem, just leave that page as "Select Later" and the difference will be taken care later. Looking for additional enhancements to make your website stand out? Check out the available options below, or visit the Maxx Addons page.

Standard andStandard Plus pages are stand alone pages. The Plus version provides additional content. Content maybe added as desired via StudioTask. (see the About Us Page in demo).

SimpleVue and SimpleVue Plus pages display entries as a list on the page. The Plus version expands the content. (see the Products Section in demo)

KwikVue and KwikVue Plussections display entries each on its own page, but each entry's format is identical (see the Services Section in demo)

Page Types Maxx Pages Content Options

Sections included in selected Flex Plan

  1. Home Page (included with each plan)
  2. + $0
  3. + $0
  4. + $0
  5. + $0
  6. + $0
  7. + $0
  8. + $0
  9. + $0
  10. + $0
  11. + $0
  12. + $0
  13. + $0
  14. + $0
  15. + $0

Additional sections (not included in Flex Plan)

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Select Additional Options
Website Maintenance

A website is never finished. It needs routine updates. Our team will quickly and efficiently keep your website current and updated with content requests, new images, broken link fixes, or other website needs.

Website maintenance may be purchased by the hour, but when you subscribe to a maintenance plan, you get accelerated turn-around times and reduced maintenance pricing. Leave the updates to us, and concentrate on building your business!

* Website updates include customer supplied text additions, image additions, adding, changing or deleting links and videos, meta data tags updates, and other general non design updates. Not included are the addition of new pages, content creation, copy writing, or any SEO services.

** If your website was built in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other 3rd party CMS and is hosted on a Relidy server, a maintenance plan is required. This will include 1 additional hour of CMS patch and version updates. Any CMS updates that require additional time will be automatically billed to your account. All CMS and module patches and updates are required to be installed and maintained. Relidy assumes no responsibility for the operation or functionality of any 3rd party CMS patch or update.

*** Popular browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Websites are tested each month for full browser compatibility.

+ The monthly maintenance allotment expires at the end of each month, and does not roll over. Should your updates require more time than your monthly allotment, an additional hour of maintenance time will be billed to your account at the reduced rate of $110 per hour (this reduced rate is available only to clients with active maintenance plans). That extra hour of billed time DOES remain on your account until applied to future updates (within 12 months). All monthly plans require that your account be setup on automatic credit card billing for the monthly renewals. All turnaround times indicated are business days, requests need to be submitted before 11 CST otherwise they will be processed the follow business day.

Website Additions

Enhance your website with additional slides for the home page or upgrade to an Advanced or Video header.

Or add additional entries beyond those included with the Reldiy Standard and Relidy Custom content.

Visit the Maxx Addons Page for even more options and additions.

  • $0
  • $0
  • $0
  • $0
Custom Content Services

All Maxx Plans come with the option of three levels of content. If none of these fit your requirements, Relidy offers full custom and unique content copy writing and image services. These are billed hourly by the actual number of hours invested.

Interactive Showrooms

Graphically show off your AV services with an Interactive Showroom. View the Interactive Showroom Page for more details.

With an interactive system showroom, the customer can get a good idea of how these systems will work before buying.

Select from a series of 6 Interactive Showrooms to help you in the sales process!

Each Interactive Showroom comes with its own license and will work in both the PC and Apple environments. The environment will be auto selected to display either a Flash or HTML5 version of the demo.

Standard Showrooms include exactly what you see in these demos and are not customized in any way.

Custom Showrooms include your company logo, background scenery picture to match your location, and tablet active button color to match your preferred color.

A one time $125 installation fee is automatically added per order.

Living room $0
Cinema $0
Boardroom $0
Classroom $0
Yacht $0
Hotel suite $0
SEO Services

Our SEO services go beyond just optimizing website pages, we focus on promoting your website, company, and service as a whole. The Local SEO packages have been designed to work with the very latest Search Engine requirements. To view package details visit our Local SEO Page.

  • $0

  • $0
  • $0
  • $0

* Early cancellation of a monthly optimization plan will require an early termination fee of 25% of the remaining balance.

E-commerce Additions

The E-Commerce website solutions that we develop are flexible, customizable and designed to effectively sell your products on-line. Our E-Commerce product solutions are very robust, flexible, and configurable to meet all your requirements. We also have the ability to customize any type of solutions or features necessary to produce an effective overall solution based on clients unique needs. Together with our customization capabilities, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better E-Commerce solution on the market..

From website design to custom E-Commerce features to product migration, we can help bring your store on-line. See some of our options on our E-Commerce page. Please contact us for a custom quote if you would like to add a Store to your new Maxx Website.

Design Options

Each project starts with a creative brief. We offer a selection of styles to help the process get started and going in the right direction, or if you prefer a full custom design, we can start with a "blank sheet of paper". Please select from our styles or go with Full Custom. (price change with full custom)

Choose a style guide to get started
The complete personalization treatment
  • 30 days free revisions
  • Customized designs
  • Unique designs
  • 100,000+ images
  • No templates used
  • Industry content

Go custom for a truly unique result
Start from scratch without a style guide

Choosing "Full Custom" completely opens the door to a truly unique result. The Relidy design team will discuss with you the direction of the aesthetics and gather your thoughts before creating your one-of-a-kind project.

Full custom design
Semi-Custom style guides
  • Traditional
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Dramatic
  • Avant-garde
  • Elegant
  • Tech
  • Deco
  • Nouveau
Select Hosting and Emails

StudioTask Engine: this powers all the Maxx Websites. The standard features include world class hosting with enhanced security, advanced anti-hacking services, regular site backups, dedicated servers available in 8 locations around the world, our powerful content management system, and regular free system updates to ensure compatibility with all the latest standards. The Standard Engine is included free for the first year or you can upgrade to the Turbo or Supercharged versions.

Select StudioTask Engine Upgrade
Select location

* StudioTask Standard Engine is $250 per year, Turbo Engine is $375 per year, Supercharged Engine is $500 per year.

Email Hosting: Add world class email hosting to your account. Email hosting starts at only $2 per account per month. Additional options include mailbox archiving and email transfer services. View more options and details here.

* $60 Account and Primary Email setup fee waived if purchased at the time of initial purchase.

Review and Add to Cart

Review your Maxx Website order and options, then select "Add to Cart" button to proceed to the checkout page.

Website Design Phase: the design phase starts with a creative brief with your designer. Included with the design phase is 30 days of free revisions with Standard Turn Around and 15 days of free revisions with Rush Turn Around. Standard turnaround between revisions is 2-4 days (minimum of 3 revisions) , Rush turnaround between revisions includes 1-2 days (minimum of 2 revisons). Once approved, any design changes will be subject to extra fees.

Website Coding Phase: Once website is approved, it goes to coding, the coding turn around depends on the website complexity and the current queue. Revision request must be made with 15 days of completion of website coding after which website is considered complete and ready for launch. Customer is responsible for all "client supplied content", "portfolio/projects" content and "about us" page.

Website Check List: before going LIVE, we will need the following items:

  1. Login for your domain registrar.
  2. Your review and approval to go LIVE!
Description Totals
Turnaround time
Maxx Style Traditional
Maxx Package $0
Maxx Additions $0
Email Hosting $0
Total $0
  • Single Payment

    Add to cart and process as a single transaction. Any applicable discount code can then be used.

    All discounts apply; no processing fees!

  • Split in 2 Payments

    Add to cart and enter the code below in the promo code field *. First payment is made at checkout and the second payment is made 30 days later.

    Enter Code: SPLIT2

    * 10% processing fee applied.

  • Split in 3 Payments

    Add to cart and enter the code below in the promo code field *. First payment is made at checkout while the second and third payments are made 30 and 60 days later.

    Enter Code: SPLIT3

    * 10% processing fee applied.


Relidy Standard Entry

Standard Relidy Supplied Content includes up to 150 words (up to 300 words for Plus content) of pre-written content which provides an excellent starting point for the client to customize for their company. Standard content does not include any customization or re-writes, this service is available as part of our Custom Creative Services.

The Standard website page includes one (1) entry with one (1) image, one (1) title, and up to 150 words depending on the content level selected. The Standard page also comes with one (1) header image per page.

The Standard Plus website page includes one (1) entry with two (2) images, one (1) title, and up to 300 words depending on the content level selected. The Standard Plus page also comes with one (1) header image per page.

Relidy Custom Entry

The Reldy Custom Content option includes customization of the Standard Relidy Content to complement your company. Includes one (1) revision only of customized content. The Standard Custom Content level includes up to 150 words while the Plus Custom level includes up to 300 words of customized content.

The Standard website page includes one (1) entry with one (1) image, one (1) title, and up to 150 words depending on the content level selected. The Standard page also comes with one (1) header image per page.

The Standard Plus website page includes one (1) entry with two (2) images, one (1) title, and up to 300 words depending on the content level selected. The Standard Plus page also comes with one (1) header image per page.